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The Journal

Sleepless Nights In Montana

Storytelling. It's the reason I exist. The reason I do. When it comes down to it, in clicking the shutter I want to capture a moment, tell a story. Relate an experience with another. Unique experience should exist on its own, not inspired by others, but these moments relate to one another. When you take everything away, what are you left with? The moment you exist in. Lighting flickers in the distance. If I could capture it with light, would you feel it? Or maybe just relate it to an experience you've already had. But I'm here right now. You can not recreate this. I could not recreate this. This is my moment. Sleepless nights in Montana. Yesterday was Wyoming. And then Utah. And then Colorado. Sleepless nights will never feel the same after this.

12:39. Somewhere you will never understand 

Forrest Smith